Natural gas filling station

NATURAL GAS FILLING STATION is intended for vehicles utilising CNG (compressed natural gas) as their motor fuel. The vehicle’s tanks are filled with CNG at a high pressure, ca 200 bar. The filling pressure depends on the outside temperature: it is below 200 bar when it’s cold and above 200 bar when it’s hot.
Filling with CNG is simple, fast and safe. To that end, the Filling Guide must be followed exactly.

Natural gas filling stations are situated in the following locations:

Available payment means are the bank debit cards (MasterCard, VISA).
Natural gas filling stations provide filling with CNG for both passenger cars and trucks (with the smaller nozzle) and heavy vehicles and buses (with the larger nozzle).
There are currently five CNG filling stations active in Estonia. The development plan of AS Eesti Gaas anticipates further construction of new natural gas filling stations and the launching of specialised filling stations for transport enterprises if necessary.

Natural gas (CNG) is not liquefied gas (car gas) and liquefied gas is not available in natural gas filling stations. To avoid mistakes and dangers, the filling nozzles of CNG and liquefied gas are different.