We provide holistic energy solutions based on natural gas and individual customer needs.

Eesti Gaas is Estonia’s oldest and most experienced energy company. Our core product and competence is natural gas – an efficient, affordable and cleanest source of energy. Natural gas is perfectly suited for heat production, industrial processes, as well as transport fuels both on land and at sea.

We provide our customers with various natural gas products – delivered to clients through pipelines, as the so-called pipeline gas, compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG). We supply pipeline gas to ten counties. For customers with no access to gas pipeline, we offer LNG solutions.

We mainly supply Estonia with pipeline gas from Russia, but, if necessary, from Latvia and Lithuania. We have brought LNG from Poland and Finland, in addition to Pskov.

In our group, every individual receives a turnkey solution, from gas pipeline design to complete heating solutions.

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As an increasingly growing field, we also offer electricity in order to provide customers with basic energy services conveniently from one place. Since 1996, we have introduced the concept of electricity and heat cogeneration in Estonia; we have the capacity to build cogeneration plants for our clients on our own.

In the development of natural gas as a transport fuel, we hold the leading role in the Baltic States. Our network of compressed gas stations is the largest and continues to grow in order to meet the needs of customers engaged in passenger and freight transportation.

We are also the first and the only in the Baltics who have developed a solid bunkering capacity for LNG and are ready to offer the service to all interested ports.

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