Heating solutions

Natural gas, being mainly comprised of methane, has good heat value and is an environmentally friendly source of energy.

As natural gas burns in its entirety, harmful combustion residues, dust and soot are not generated; the process leaves behind only carbon dioxide and water vapour. In addition, gas pipelines will reduce the burden on road and rail transport, and reduce emissions and noise.

Today, natural gas is one of the most affordable sources of energy in terms of both initial investment and running costs. Modern gas boilers are automated and designed and built to meet energy needs even during cold winters, in comparison to heat pumps that require assistance from electric heaters during colder periods.

Modern gas boilers are automatically controlled, keeping your house warm even when you are away from home for a longer period of time.

Connect your property with the gas network!

Industrial solutions

Natural gas offers a number of opportunities for an industrial company. Natural gas is a high-energy fuel used, in addition to the production of heat and electricity, both directly in technological processes, for example in the glass and building materials industry, as well as in the form of a raw material in the chemical industry.

The calorific value of natural gas is 10.5 kWh / m3, its maximum combustion temperature is over 2100 ° C. The use of natural gas enables flexible consumption depending on technological needs. In the absence of a gas pipeline it is possible to build a LNG tank and a regasification unit.

The use of natural gas enables the automation of combustion processes, and natural gas achieves the desired combustion temperatures most quickly and accurately.

Transport solutions

Natural gas is an environmentally friendly and efficient fuel both onshore and offshore. Combustion of natural gas produces carbon dioxide and water.

We provide gas for road transport and bunkering of ships. Compressed natural gas (CNG) is used primarily for land transport. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) has a great prospect for both sea and international road haulage.

In addition to natural gas, we also promote biomethane from domestic biogas. This fuel will help the country fulfil its commitment to bring the share of renewable fuel in transport to 10% by 2020, of which one third is biomethane.

EU Member States have minimum requirements for CNG and LNG refuelling infrastructure. The goal of 2025 is to cover the EU main road network with CNG filling stations at least every 150 km and every 400 km of LNG gas stations. A plan of action has also been adopted for the development of a LNG bunkering network by 2025. Eesti Gaas is involved in all these goals, both at sea and on land.

Why Eesti Gaas?

  • We have extensive experience in supplying Estonian consumers with both gas and energy.
  • Our contractual partners are reliable and ensure that our promises are fulfilled.
  • We design the prices of our products and services on the basis of clients, and we do our best to meet your needs with our opportunities.
  • The existence of an electricity sales contract provides a discount for the price of natural gas.
  • Every business customer has a personal business relations manager.

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