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Connecting to the gas network

Connecting to the gas network means establishing a connection at a connection point—whether for an existing or a new gas pipeline. AS Gaasivõrk generally considers the owner of the property or the owner’s authorised representative as a connecting customer and a person concluding a connection contract.

  • A person wishing to connect to the network needs to send an application on the required form via e-mail to or by post to AS Gaasivõrk at Gaasi tn 5, Tallinn 11415.
  • Application to connect to the gas network
  • The person connecting to the gas network and a representative from AS Gaasivõrk will agree on the terms of the connection, and will then conclude a contract to connect to the gas network.
  • Under the contract, a representative of AS Gaasivõrk arranges the design and construction of the pipeline up to the designated connection point at the boundary of the property. AS Gaasivõrk ensures the contractually agreed-upon gas pressure and volume at the connection point.
  • The connecting person is responsible for the design and construction of pipelines on the property from the connection point and installing gas appliances according to the concluded connection contract. At the connecting person’s request, we are available to handle this work.
  • Upon completion of the construction work, the connecting person submits to AS Gaasivõrk the following:

a) a copy of the technical inspection report prior to the introduction of the gas installation issued by Inspecta Estonia OÜ;

b) notice of the suitability of the gas installation.

  • After the completion of construction work and upon submission of these documents, the connecting person will conclude a contract with a representative of AS Gaasivõrk for the provision of network services.
  • After the conclusion of the network agreement, the connecting person will conclude a natural gas purchase and sale agreement with the gas seller.
  • After concluding the gas purchase and sale contract, the connecting person will order the gas connection and installation of the network operator’s gas meter from a representative of AS Gaasivõrk.

The connecting person can also order all required construction work, inspections and approvals as part of a comprehensive solution.

To connect to the gas network or if you have any questions, please contact us at or by calling 605 6801.

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