Eesti Gaas opened its second compressed gas filling station in Pärnu

AS Eesti Gaas opened a new compressed gas station at Savi Street in Pärnu. This year, two new gas fuelling stations will also be added in Tallinn.

Earlier, gas-operating vehicles from Pärnu were fuelled at Pärlimõisa road. “The opening of the second fuelling station was conditioned by the ever-increasing demand for compressed gas – namely, since July, there are already 18 compressed gas buses operating on Pärnu city lines that require a powerful and efficient refuelling solution on a daily basis,” said Raul Kotov, a Member of the Board of Eesti Gaas

Compressed gas sales numbers are increasing quarterly. In particular, environmental awareness and economic thinking contribute to the growth of its volume. Compressed gas is a pure fuel, with a kilogram price of 0.81 euros. On average, five kilograms, or 4 euros, will be used by cars sold in Estonia for an average of 100 kilometres. Thus, compressed natural gas is nearly twice as cheap as gasoline.

However, in order for even more people to choose a gas car, it is also necessary to increase the number of fuelling stations. “In addition to Pärnu, a new gas station will be opened in Gaasi Street in Tallinn in the coming days,” said Kotov. At the end of the year, it is planned to open a gas station in Tehnika Street in Tallinn. “In total, there will be eight Eesti Gaas gas fuelling stations in four cities, and the expansion of the network will continue vigorously next year,” Kotov said.

AS Eesti Gaas is concerned with the sale of natural gas and electricity. The Group also includes AS EG Ehitus, specializing in the design and construction of gas pipelines and facilities, as well as AS Gaasivõrgud, which provides distribution services. Eesti Gaas employs over 200 people, has 1,600 business customers and 42,000 private customers.

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