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Our electricity packages fall into fixed and exchange packages.

Fixed packages

In the case of a fixed package, the price of electricity is the same throughout the whole contract period, the fluctuations of the exchange price do not affect your invoice, and costs are easier to plan.

The one-tariff rate option applies the price agreed upon in the contract for every hour in the 24-hour period.  This package is better suited if most of the electricity is consumed during the day.

The two-tariff rate option calculates day and night electricity consumption separately. The two-tariff price can be chosen if there is a dual-tariff meter, which measures day and night consumption separately, or an hourly meter at the place of consumption.

The daily rate is valid 8:00-24:00 during summer and 7:00-23:00 during winter. The night rate is valid 24:00-8:00 during summer and 23:00-7:00 during winter, and on all Saturdays and Sundays. Normal weekday rates apply on national holidays that fall on a weekday.

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Exchange price packages

The exchange price depends on the price of the Nordic Pool Spot (NPS) stock exchange, which changes on an hourly basis. The stock price is supplemented by a fixed sales margin. The exchange price is often considered to be more favourable than the fixed price, but the stock exchange price may just as well rise as fall, and therefore one must be ready for both scenarios.

Monthly average prices for NPS  power exchange in the Estonian region

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