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Price of gas

The price of services at Eesti Gaas is individual and depends on the amount of services used and the amount of energy consumed. The individual price of each customer is reflected on the invoice. Higher gas consumption means cheaper price. Valid electricity contract with Eesti Gaas provides additional benefits.

For private individuals and small businesses (gas consumption up to 525 MWh or 50,000 m3 per year), we offer three price packages:


  • Price is agreed upon on the basis of the Buyer’s consumption volume for a certain period (12 to 24 months).
  • The price does not change during the agreed period.
  • The contract is concluded for a fixed term.

* not currently on sale





  • Price is based on the stock exchange price (TTF or GetBaltic), plus the sales margin agreed on the basis of the buyer’s consumption volume.
  • The price changes every month depending on the stock exchange price.
  • The seller has the right to unilaterally change the sales margin with 30 days’ notice, except in the case of a fixed-term contract.
  • The contract may be concluded for a fixed term or for an indefinite period.



    • Essentially an intermediate option between fixed and stock exchange package
    • The price is based on the Buyer’s consumption volume and longer-term market trends for an indefinite period.
    • The price changes less often than in the stock exchange package, thus offering more stability.
    • The seller has the right to change the price unilaterally with 30 days’ notice.
    • The contract is concluded for an indefinite period.

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Tips for saving energy

Energy conservation has become more important than ever before. The price of gas has risen to unprecedented levels on the European gas market, as there is a lot of uncertainty due to the war in Ukraine and fears of a gas shortage.

Although our customers do not have to worry about gas shortages, every cubic meter of gas saved is useful for general solidarity and everyone’s personal wallet. Some tips for this:

  • Choose the right system.
    When building a heating system, consult a specialist so that the boiler to be installed has the optimum power.
  • Put the technique to work for you.
    Modern boilers have modern control automation. Take advantage of technology, such as setting the machine so that the room temperature is a few degrees lower when you are asleep or away from home.
  • Adjust the boiler temperature.
    Lower the temperature of the domestic hot water when it is not used anyway. This way you can avoid water heating in vain.
  • Let the warmth circulate.
    Do not place cabinets or shelves in front of the radiator, as this will prevent the warmth from moving.
  • Let the cold stay outside.
    When it gets dark, lower the window blinds. This way, the glass does not spread cold into the room.
    It is reasonable to keep blinds and curtains in front of the window even on a hot summer day – the sun does not heat up the room and the air conditioner does not have to work as hard to cool it down.
    Every degree up or down saves energy!
  • Ventilate the room in the right way!
    Open the windows completely for a short time, closing the radiator thermostat and also the energy consumption.
  • Have the boiler maintenance at least once a year.
    An unmaintained boiler has a higher flue gas temperature and also energy consumption. In addition, an unmaintained heater can endanger both human health and property.

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