Connecting to the gas network

Connection to the gas network means the construction of a connection point at the border of the plot. In addition, it is necessary to build a gas supply system on the plot and in the building, and install a gas appliance, after which it is possible to start using gas.

If there is no gas connection at your place of residence, check first the location of the nearest gas pipeline, and which gas distribution area your place of consumption falls under.

Use the map application!


If your property is located in the network area of ​​our network of company in AS Gaasivõrk, then the following is simple:

  • You, as the owner of the property, submit an application for joining the gas network at
  • You will be provided a connection offer as well as an offer for property and building works (for the construction of a consumer installation).
  • You conclude up a subscription agreement, which specifies the terms of subscription and connection fee.
  • The construction of a pipeline up to the connection point will be conducted.
  • A gas supply system on the plot and in the building will be built, and a gas appliance will be installed. If you wish, you can order and carry out this work on your own.
  • Upon completion of the construction work, submit to AS Gaasivõrk:
    a) A copy of the technical inspection report prior to the introduction of the gas installation issued by Inspecta Estonia OÜ
    b) Communication on the suitability of the gas installation
  • After the completion of construction work and upon submission of these documents, you will conclude a contract with a representative of AS Gaasivõrk for the provision of network services.
  • After the conclusion of the network agreement, you will conclude purchase and sale agreement of natural gas with the gas seller. Our group’s gas trading company is AS Eesti Gaas.
  • After concluding the gas purchase and sale contract, you will order the gas connection and installation of the gas meter belonging to the network operator from a representative of AS Gaasivõrk.

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