Industry and transport powered by liquefied natural gas

Advantages and usage of LNG

LNG, or liquefied natural gas, is obtained by  cooling natural gas down to about -160 degrees.

The gas is cooled down, so the volume of LNG is about 1/600 of gas volume under normal conditions. Before the liquefaction of natural gas, corroding or clogging components are removed. Therefore, LNG is even cleaner than conventional natural gas.

Liquefaction of natural gas makes the transportation and storage of natural gas easy and economical. Hence, the advantage of LNG is the possibility to deliver natural gas to regions and properties which are not connected to the gas pipeline.

When using LNG for heating or in production, the storage and re-gasification costs must be taken into account. Therefore LNG fits better for energy solutions for bigger objects.

LNG in transport, thanks to its reasonable price and purity, is becoming a pioneering fuel both on land (especially for long distance hauls) and at sea. The EU has set minimum requirements for the LNG refuelling infrastructure for Member States. By 2025, the goal is to cover the EU main road network with an LNG gas station every 400 km as a minimum. The European Union has also adopted a plan of action for the development of a LNG bunkering network by 2025.

Please check LNG safety card.

LNG bunkering

From 2015, the sulphur content of marine fuel must not exceed 0.10 per cent. To meet the requirement, ship operators have three options: start using low-sulphur fuel, install purification equipment or switch to liquefied natural gas.

LNG provides an efficient combination of ecological and economic benefits, thus saving both fuel costs and meeting environmental protection requirements. The European Union has adopted a plan of action for the development of a LNG bunkering network by 2025.

Eesti Gaas is the first and the only company in Estonia that has developed a solid LNG bunkering capability and is ready to offer the service to all interested ports. The bunkering of the Tallink Megastar ship has provided us with invaluable experience with various sources of supply, logistics and technological solutions for LNG.

For the first-time use of LNG in the bunkering of ferries in Estonia, Eesti Gaas won the Energy Deed of the Year Prize 2017.

Watch the video on the bunkering of the Megastar ship.

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