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Price packages for small customers and apartment associations

For businesses and apartment associations with gas consumption up to 525 MWh or 50,000 m3 per year we offer two price packages:


  • Price is agreed upon on the basis of the Buyer’s consumption volume for a certain period.
  • The price does not change during the agreed period.
  • The contract is concluded for a fixed term.


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  • Price is based on the gas exchange price (TTF or GetBaltic), plus the sales margin agreed on the basis of the buyer’s consumption volume.
  • The price changes every month depending on the gas exchange price.
  • The seller has the right to unilaterally change the sales margin with 30 days’ notice, except in the case of a fixed-term contract.
  • The contract may be concluded for a fixed term or for an indefinite period.

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Price packages for large companies

Business customers with yearly gas consumption above 525 MWh or 50,000 m3 can choose to buy gas on the basis of price formula or at a fixed price.

Price formula

The gas price changes on the basis of monthly variable components, including global gas prices for competing fuels, the exchange rate and the actual net calorific value of the gas.

Price formulas are designed on the basis on the quantity of gas sold, the type of supply, the consistency of consumption, security of supply and the payment terms.

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Fixed price

The pricing will take into account the gas price and the price-fixing charges. The gas price is agreed upon for the whole period of the contract, worldwide exchange price changes do not affect the invoice, making it easier to plan costs.



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Documents related to Eesti Gaas gas sales can be found HERE.

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