Information concerning the price change of natural gas for domestic consumers

Beginning 1.04.2017, the price of natural gas offered to domestic consumers by Eesti Gaas will change. The new price of general service will be 0,3700 euros/m3 without VAT and 0,444 euros/m3 with VAT.

The price of the general service indicates the price ceiling deriving from oil and gas prices on the world market. The personal price of each customer depends on their volume of gas consumption and the character of their product portfolio in Eesti Gaas and will be indicated on their bill.

„Since last autumn, oil and gas prices on the world market have turned upwards after three years of declining trend. Therefore, we are forced to correct the price of the natural gas offered by Eesti Gaas, which we have tried to keep as low as possible for our loyal customers during the current heating period,” Raul Kotov, the member of the board of Eesti Gaas commented. “The positive aspect is that the price change will fall in the time period when the costs on natural gas are already declining thanks to warmer weathers. For a regular gas stove consumer, the extra cost will be only around a few dozen cents on the average,“ Kotov added.

With the price change, Eesti Gaas gives a year-long price guarantee to all its domestic customers. „We promise the domestic customers that the price that will be effective since this spring will not rise until 31.03.2018,“ Raul Kotov explained. „It means that the customer will not have to be afraid of rising prices in the autumn or at the end of the year before the next heating period, which is likely, considering the world market price dynamics. The interest of Eesti Gaas is that our loyal customers could spend the winter period with as low costs as possible like this year,“ Kotov reasoned. „If the market prices of natural gas should fall again against all expectations, we will lower the sales price again,“ he promised.

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