Combined Heat and Power cogeneration

CHP combined production

Elektri ja soojuse koostootmine ehk CHP (Combined Heat and Power, cogeneration)CHP, or Combined Heat and Power cogeneration is a process where one device simultaneously emits two types of energy: electricity and heat.

Unlike a traditional power plant, where the heat created during the production of electricity emits into the environment, combined production uses this heat for consumption in technological processes, domestic hot water and space heating, saving both- fuel and money.

The benefits of cogeneration are a high, 85-96% total efficiency factor in the process of energy conversion. This ensures more efficient production and efficient fuel use, as well as less pollution. Local production also ensures security of supply and reduces the risk of consumers being left without electricity or heat.

Cogeneration units offered by Eesti Gaas operate on an internal combustion engine and use land or biogas as fuel. We also offer solutions for CNG and LNG fuelled cogeneration plants: efficient and environmentally friendly EC Power gas engines with a rated output of 6 to 20 kW and Sokratherm gas engines with a capacity of 50-530 kW.

Turnkey solutions

The feasibility of establishing a cogeneration plant needs to be approached individually. In cooperation with the client, we explain the energy consumption of the building, and on this basis, we make calculations for selecting a suitable power cogeneration plant with a financial plan from which the customer can easily view the savings.

With the necessary knowledge and know-how, we design and build a complete solution for the cogeneration plant with a focus on quality and sustainability. We will also ensure the necessary approvals for the design and construction activities and, subsequently, for the operation of the cogeneration plant.

In addition, we provide full service to the cogeneration plant with the assistance of our partners, ensuring that the equipment is properly and regularly maintained.

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