Light up your home with smaller bills

Why choose electricity from Eesti Gaas?

Eesti Gaas offers electricity two times cheaper than the market leader – check the calculator below.

All electricity packages come without pre-payments or monthly fees; there are no hidden costs.

Electricity distribution network costs are included in the same bill, making payments convenient – it takes just one transfer.

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Anyone can sign up for electricity contract – you do not need to be a gas consumer beforehand to do so. The balance manager of Eesti Gaas is Scener OÜ.

However, if you are a customer of our gas services, then you will find it particularly useful to buy electricity from us also. Because the more services you use at Eesti Gaas and more energy you consume, the better is the price of individual services.

Renewable electricity purely from solar energy

If nature conservation and the environment are important to you, you can choose truly nature-friendly renewable energy from Eesti Gaas. We offer green electricity produced from pure solar energy.

Choose the package that suits you and add the mark “Green energy” (roheline energia) to it in our e-service or turn to customer support.

All business customers contributing to green energy will receive a “Eco-friendly contribution” certificate from us.

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Monthly fee calculator
Some electricity sellers propose stock packages, where stock margin is very cheap. But often clients do not notice that package includes a monthly fee. The calculator here allows you to recalculate the monthly fee into the stock margin and everyone can evaluate based on personal consumption is such monthly fee really cheap.
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Eesti Gaas
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All prices include VAT


Cheaper margin with the package of Eesti Gaas


per year

  • All packages are without prepayment and monthly fee
  • One invoice, one payment (electricity, Elektrilevi network invoice, gas)

Good to know

How to enter into an electricity contract?

First of all, the ongoing contract must be terminated by notifying the current provider 30 days in advance. The electricity contract usually starts from the first day of the month and must be concluded no later than 21 days before the 1st day of the month, with the exception of those entering into a new network contract, who will be able to enter into an electricity contract from the same day as the network contract. Electricity contracts can be concluded by anyone on whose behalf the measuring point network agreement is concluded.

The easiest way to enter into an electricity contract is through our e-service.

What does the fixed price electricity package involve?

The fixed price electricity package “Fixed” provides a fixed electricity price for a period of 1 to 2 years. Market price fluctuations do not affect the invoices, and the price of kWh of electricity remains the same for each month. You can choose between a two-tariff and a one- tariff option, in both cases the calculation of the price is based on the hours consumed.

What does the exchange package involve?

Electricity contracts with an exchange price are indefinite. The price per kWh changes according to the hourly rates of the Nord Pool Spot (NPS) stock exchange, meaning it is possible to gain from the discounted price periods at the exchange, while also being prepared for a price increase.

How can Eesti Gaas sell electricity?

Eesti Gaas purchases electricity from Nord Pool Spot and sells it to its customers by adding a small commission, as all market participants. As of 01.01.2020, the balance manager of Eesti Gaas is Scener OÜ.

How to change your electricity provider?

First of all, the ongoing contract must be terminated by notifying the current provider 30 days in advance. We can do this for you if you sign up for an electricity contract via our e-service. Enter our e-service.

What is the account number of Eesti Gaas electricity certificate of origin?

Eesti Gaas electricity certificate of origin account number (or EECS number) is 23X0007QVP.

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