Natural gas - clean and convenient

Natural gas saves nature

Natural gas is the cleanest and most convenient source of energy. Compared to alternative local energy sources, the cost of gas heating is lower than electric or oil heating. If heat pumps require the help of electric heating in the event of real colds and incur hidden costs, then gas boilers do not need an additional source.

As a gas user, there is no need to heat or clean the fireplace daily, store pellets, or purchase fuel oil. Modern gas boilers are automatically controlled, keeping your house warm even when you are away from home for a longer period of time.

As natural gas burns in its entirety, harmful combustion residues, dust and soot are not generated; the process leaves behind only carbon dioxide and water vapour. In addition, gas pipelines will reduce the burden on road and rail transport, and reduce emissions and noise. Consequently, unlike solid fuels, natural gas does not pollute the air in the neighborhood and preserves Estonia’s forest and landscape.

Having a gas connection increases the value of the property and helps maintain it, which is important if you have purchased a property with a bank loan or wish to sell it in the future.

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Usage of natural gas

Natural and energy-saving gas appliances are more and more common in households. Gas-powered water heaters and boilers, radiators, various home appliances, vehicles, and home service stations are being used.

Domestic gas appliances should be serviced once a year to ensure the safety of the appliances and to avoid the need for greater energy expenditure or emergency repairs.

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