Gas appliance maintenance


Gas boilers and gas water heaters must be maintained on regular basis, preferably once a year, as unmaintained appliances may cause higher energy costs and accidents. The service should be ordered from a reliable and licenced company. If you need help in choosing the right company, please contact our client service.

Eesti Gaas provides maintenance service of gas appliances in the Harju County. See also the terms and conditions of maintenance service.

Gas boiler maintenance
Maintenance service includes:
Gas boilers Inspection of operating mode. Determination of heat exchanger’s level of soiling (on the flue gas side). Cleaning the heat exchanger, if necessary. Maintenance of the burner. Inspection of ignition and ionisation electrodes. Cleaning of siphon and inspection of expansion tank. Maintenance of heat exchanger. Inspection of the production of warm water. Measurement of combustion parameters. The results are marked in the inspection protocol.
Circulation pumps Inspection of the pumps’ operation, switching, electrical connections, cables, water connections and relays. The results are marked in the service book.
Filters Cleaning of mud filters. Inspection of the gas filter and its replacement, if necessary.
Adjustment, measurement and control devices Inspection of power system, cables and connections. The results are marked in the service book.
Gas supply Visual inspection, inspection of alarm devices, inspection of gas passing, inspection of the condition of gas appliances, inspection of the condition of measuring devices. The results are marked in the service book.
Gas water heater maintenance
Works performed during maintenance:
Gas water heater Inspection of appliance’s operation.
Heat exchanger Inspection of heat exchanger and its cleaning, if necessary.
Burner Inspection of burner and its cleaning, if necessary.
Water filter Inspection of water filter.
Nozzles of burner and pilot flame Cleaning of burner’s and pilot light’s nozzles.
Inspection of exhaust If the inspection of exhaust shows a fault, then maintenance of exhaust.
Gas supply Visual inspection, inspection of gas passing, inspection of the condition of gas appliances, inspection of the condition of measuring devices.
Installation of carbon monoxide detector

In addition to the maintenance and repair of gas boilers and gas water heaters, our technicians can install carbon monoxide detectors. The detector can be ordered beforehand or you can choose it on site.A carbon monoxide detector must be installed into all residential rooms which contain a gas appliance connected to a chimney, for example, a boiler or water heater.

The Estonian Rescue Board recommends installing a detector on the wall of rooms which contain also other combustion-related appliances, for example, wood furnace, fireplace or stove.

We provide the service of detector’s installation only together with the maintenance service of boilers or water heaters, i.e., the installation of carbon monoxide detector cannot be ordered separately.

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Gas boiler maintenance Price Gas water heater maintenance Price
Gas boiler maintenance (< 50 kW)
Price to client.
74 EUR Gas water heater maintenance (all appliances)
Price to client.
39 EUR
Gas boiler maintenance (< 50 kW)
Regular price.
79 EUR Gas water heater maintenance (all appliances)
Regular price.
44 EUR


Boiler and water heater brands serviced:

  • Viessmann
  • Junkers
  • Wolf
  • Buderus
  • Vaillant
  • BAXI
  • Neva
  • Electrolux
  • Bosch


  • There is no separate invoice for the clients of Eesti Gaas consuming natural gas or electricity and the service fee is added to the next monthly invoice or one after that.
  • Non-clients shall be sent an invoice to their e-mail address.

In case of a late payment for the service we may add an interest of 0.06% of the outstanding sum for each day the payment is late.

We perform maintenance work:

  • in Harju County
  • on workdays from 8 AM to 8 PM and on weekends from 9 AM to 4 PM
  • we do not provide maintenance service on public holidays and national holidays

Order service from here or contact the client support 636 2555 or e-mail

After booking we will send you a confirmation to your e-mail address and a reminder on the day before the maintenance works.

Changes and cancellation

You can change the order by calling +372 636 2555 or writing to at least one day before the scheduled maintenance time.

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Safe use of gas

Gas needs oxygen

Natural gas as a fuel is very convenient and clean and its complete combustion emits only water vapour and minor amounts of carbon dioxide. However, all maintenance and safety requirements must be adhered to during operation.

The gas appliance must be protected from dust and it must be connected to a clean flue gas exhaust with suitable dimensions. The room containing a gas appliance must have sufficient air exchange which ensures the complete combustion of natural gas.

The combustion of one cubic meter of gas requires about 10 cubic meters of air. Access of fresh air must be ensured in small rooms, especially bathrooms, through air grille or opening under the door.

Common causes of gas accidents:

  • Unserviced appliances, old pipes and negligence.
  • Unauthorised reconstruction of ventilation pipes and flue gas exhaust or diverting the gas appliance’s flue gas to the wrong pipe.
  • Clogged flue gas pipes.
  • Damaged or corroded pipes and connections.
  • Materials unsuitable for gas have been used in the piping.
  • Small and unaired room with insufficient air exchange for the gas appliance.
  • Old gas appliance.

Keep in mind:

Read more about gas safety HERE
Read more about carbon monoxide HERE

Gas leak

Fragrances have been added to gas used in households so that people would sense gas leaks. Thus, a specific gas smell spreads in case of gas leaks. Leaks in underground pipes are detected with special gas measuring instruments.

In case of a gas leak:

  • If possible, close the gas supply.
  • Ventilate the rooms by opening the windows and doors.
  • Do not use open flame or electricity in the room and, if possible, turn off the electricity in the gas leak area.
  • Leave the dangerous area.
  • In case of danger call the emergency 112 and the gas emergency phone 13 404.

Inspection and replacement of gas appliances

If you are planning to replace the gas stove, water heater, heating appliance or other gas-based appliance in your household with a newer one, then our client service can certainly help you with their knowledge and experience. The safety of gas appliances is the responsibility of their owner or possessor. In order to ensure safety, it must be kept in mind that the important requirement stipulated to gas appliances by the Product Conformity Act foresee regular technical maintenance of gas appliances. The recommended maintenance intervals have been given in the service manual of the gas appliance. Likewise, the pipes need to be checked and if the gas installation is older than 15 years and is located inside a public building or in the public rooms of an apartment building, then the inspection must be performed every four years. Unserviced gas appliances that are not in good working order must be repaired or replaced. If the appliance is indeed operational, then the inspection should be ordered from an accredited institution (e.g. OÜ Inspecta Estonia, OÜ Tehnoaudit), who shall certify the safety of the devices and extend their service life. However, experience has shown that old gas appliances, especially gas water heaters, are mostly obsolete, their operation is dangerous and they still need replacement.

When you are buying new appliances, then you should keep in mind that since 1996 all gas appliances manufactured in Europe must conform with the requirements of harmonised standards and have CE-marking.
Gas boilers, water heaters and gas stoves and replacement works can be ordered from companies who have the license for gas works.

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