Solar energy is free

Why choose solar energy?

Solar energy is an easy and clean way to produce your own electricity. The resource necessary for producing electricity without any adverse effects on people’s health and well being is available free of charge across Estonia. The production of solar energy is a risk-free investment that will ensure future savings in the costs of electricity and grid charges on account of electricity not purchased from the grid.

Owners of solar power panels can also earn from selling surplus electricity back to the grid. We install solar power panels on roofs and unused land. The amount of solar energy a system generates in a year depends on how the solar array is installed as well as on the direction it faces and ranges between 700 and 1,000 kWh per 1 kW panel on average.


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Benefits of using solar energy

  • Clean– solar energy production is clean and environmentally friendly
  • Free of charge– solar energy is ubiquitous and can be produced anywhere
  • Smaller electricity bills – with solar energy you are less dependent on grid electricity and its pricing policies
  • Increased energy performance of the building – solar panels will improve the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of your property. For new property development projects solar energy is the most cost-effective way to achieve the objectives of the energy performance of buildings
  • Low maintenance costs– there are no massive moving parts that require constant maintenance and checking
  • Produce as you consume– the production of solar energy close matches the consumption of energy by households and building
  • Easy to expand– the existing solar energy system is easy to expand for higher wattage / power output by adding extra panels

Our value proposition

  • Solar energy potential– we determine the solar energy potential of a building or property
  • Design and construction– we design and build solar energy systems matching our customers’ expectations and consumption patterns
  • Maintenance and operation – we ensure maximum energy production

In case of major projects (starting from 1 ha solar panel farms) we offer cooperation without financial contribution by the customer – Eesti Gaas will design, build and operate the solar energy system, while the customer will earn rental income or save on their electricity costs.

solar energy solutions
up to 22 kW

For whom?

Private houses, apartment associations that purchase electricity as a single customer, etc.

Terms and conditions:

Solar energy solutions starting from 6 kW.
Can be installed on the ground, on gable and flat roofs.
Required area available for installing solar panels: starting from 30 m2.

Sample solution:

10 kW, 40 solar panels, requires 90 m2 available area on a gable roof and produces 12 MWh of electricity in a year.


solar energy solutions
over 22 kW

For whom?

Companies, schools, kindergartens, other public sector establishments, etc.
Suitable for consumers with consumption patterns matching the energy production profile – cold storage plants, shopping centres, production plants with a day shift, etc

Terms and conditions:

Low-voltage consumers with a main circuit breaker of at least 32 A or medium-voltage consumers.
Can be installed on the ground, on gable and flat roofs.
Required area available for installing solar panels: on the ground – starting from 440 m2, on a gable roof – 180 m2, on a flat roof – 270 m2.

Sample solution:

50 kW, 200 solar panels, requires 600 m2 of available area on a flat roof and produces 60 MWh of electricity in a year.

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solar energy solutions
over 1 MW

For whom?

Companies with available roof or land area starting from 2 ha

Terms and conditions:

We make an individual offer.

Send us a request with a description of the surface to be used for the installation of solar panels and we will carry out an assessment of the potential of solar energy. We will find a solution to help your unused surfaces make you money.

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The process of establishing a solar station

Generating electricity from solar energy

Electricity is produced from solar power in solar panels, which convert light into electricity. In addition to solar panels, the system includes an inverter, which is responsible for transforming electricity from panels into electricity that is equivalent to the quality of the power network. From the inverter, electricity is transmitted for on-site consumption as an alternative to network electricity.

Production data can be monitored in real time on the inverter’s information board. In addition, clients can see an overview in the web application.

The excess solar energy from consumption is transmitted to the power network.
A building that has solar panels will remain connected to the grid. If the electricity produced by the panels does not cover all consumption, the deficit amount will automatically be taken from the power network.

Under good installation conditions, a production plant with a capacity of 1 kW per year provides ~970 kWh of electricity. So, for example, a 50 kW system produces an average of ~48,000 kWh per year, which covers the consumption needs of around 15 households.

1. Solar panel – converts solar radiation into electricity
2. Inverter – Converts DC to usable AC
3. Electricity meter – measures the produced electricity

4. Direct line – transmission of electricity to the customer
5. Unused electricity is sent to the electricity grid

Efficiency of solar energy production

In Estonia, the potential for solar power production is similar to Germany (10% of German electricity consumption is met using solar power). The production of electricity from the sun is positively influenced by cooler temperatures, which compensate for shorter production time.

In Estonia, the solar system produces the most electricity in May, June and July. Nearly 40% of total annual electricity production takes place in the summer months.


Who can produce solar energy?
  • Any electricity consumers with a functioning connection or possibility to connect to the grid. In order to install solar panels, you will need a certain amount of free space on your roof or on the ground that is not blocked from direct sunlight.
What kind of roof or land is suitable for installing solar panels and how much space is needed?
  • Solar panels can be installed on the ground or on a roof. Solar panels can be mounted on both flat and gable roofs.
  • There needs to be sufficient space on the roof not blocked by shade or utility systems.
  • For example, a 50 kW solar PV system requires space as follows:
    – On a gable roof: ca 400 m2
    – On a flat roof: ca 600 m2
    – On the ground: ca 1000 m2
Does the roof always have to be south-facing?
  • Systems that are mounted on flat roofs are more flexible and allow you to change the orientation of the solar panels, regardless of the position of the building. Because of this, the direction of the roof in these cases is irrelevant.
  • In the case of gable roofs, a south-facing roof maximises the yield, but we can also mount panels on roofs that fall between the south-west and the south-east direction.
  • In both cases, it is important that the south side of the building does not have any objects obstructing sunlight (high-rise buildings, etc.).
When will I start saving money?
  • You will start saving money as soon as the installation is complete and the panels start generating electricity. The savings come from a reduced power bill and from selling excess solar electricity back to the grid.

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