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Eesti Gaas is the largest private energy company in the Finnish-Baltic region, with roots in 1864. We operate in five markets – the Baltic states, Finland and Poland – and have over 400 000 customers. In export markets we carry Elenger brand name.

Our core product and competence is natural gas, which we offer to customers in different forms – as pipeline gas through the distribution network, as compressed natural gas (CNG) at our filling stations and as liquefied natural gas (LNG) for off-grid customers.

Our gas supplies are LNG-based, we have direct contracts with the leading LNG suppliers. We bring LNG cargoes of primarily Norwegian and US origin to both Inkoo and Klaipeda terminals from where the gas is transported through pipelines to end consumers.

Our subsidiaries Gaasivõrk and Gaso operate and develop the biggest gas distribution networks respectively in Estonia and Latvia, to ensure that gas reaches consumers conveniently and safely.

In cooperation with sibling companies, we provide complete energy solutions based on natural gas according to the needs of each customer, from the design of the gas pipeline to the finished heating solution and maintenance service.

Eesti Gaas has been the pioneer in the Baltic countries in the development of natural gas as a transport fuel. Our network of CNG filling stations is the largest in Estonia, one can choose either natural gas or the local renewable biomethane for one’s vehicle.

We have our own fleet of trucks and a gas tanker for LNG transport and bunkering both at sea and on land.

In addition to gas, we sell electricity, so that heat and light can reach homes and businesses comfortably, from one supplier. We also produce green electricity ourselves both in our own solar parks and in the ones built for our customers.

Eesti Gaas’ sole owner is an Estonian investment company Infortar whose shares are listed on the Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange.

AS Eesti Gaas is certified and complies with the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.

Eesti Gaas ISO

Subsidiary companies

elenger suomi LNG and natural gas solutions
elenger latvija LNG and natural gas solutions
elenger lietuva LNG and natural gas solutions
Elenger Marine LNG solutions

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