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The gas emergency number across Estonia is 13 404.

Most common reasons for gas emergencies:

  • Gas appliances, pipes and connections are leaking
  • Gas appliances have not been maintained
  • Smoke flues hare blocked
  • Insufficient extraction and/or ventilation when using a gas appliance or using a gas appliance in a room that is too small
  • Damaged or corroded pipes
  • Unsuitable materials for gas used in gas pipes

What to do if you discover a gas leak and smell gas:

  • Switch off the gas supply if possible
  • Ventilate the room(s) by opening windows and doors
  • Do not use open flames or electricity
  • Leave the hazardous area
  • Inform other persons and the emergency services (112)
  • Turn off the electricity if possible

In case of hazard symptoms, ask a specialist to determine the reason and carry out the required gas work. Gas work may only be done by a person that is appropriately registered in the economic activities register.

According to the regulation of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure   „Küttegaasi kasutavale gaasipaigaldisele, selle ehitamisele ja gaasiseadme paigaldamisele ning gaasiballooni ladustamisele ja gaasianuma täitmisele esitatavad nõuded“ owner of the consumer gas installation is obligated to organize technical control of the installations in every four years from specialized authorities.

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