AS Gaasivõrk

The gas emergency number across Estonia is 13 404.

Most common reasons for gas emergencies:

  • Gas appliances, pipes and connections are leaking
  • Gas appliances have not been maintained
  • Smoke flues hare blocked
  • Insufficient extraction and/or ventilation when using a gas appliance or using a gas appliance in a room that is too small
  • Damaged or corroded pipes
  • Unsuitable materials for gas used in gas pipes

What to do if you discover a gas leak and smell gas:

  • Switch off the gas supply if possible
  • Ventilate the room(s) by opening windows and doors
  • Do not use open flames or electricity
  • Leave the hazardous area
  • Inform other persons and the emergency services (112)
  • Turn off the electricity if possible

In case of hazard symptoms, ask a specialist to determine the reason and carry out the required gas work. Gas work may only be done by a person that is appropriately registered in the economic activities register.

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