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Method for calculating connection fees

According to the Natural Gas Act, AS Gaasivõrk has the right to charge connecting persons justified connection fees.

When calculating the connection fee, the basis for the calculation is the need to ensure that the justified expenses for the particular connection are covered, among other things:

  • investments, including the construction of the metering system;
  • compliance with environmental requirements;
  • compliance with quality and safety requirements.

The connection fee is calculated by AS Gaasivõrk based on the methodology for calculating connection fees, which has been co-ordinated with the Estonian Competition Authority as required by the Natural Gas Act.

Quality certificate and average calorific value of natural gas

The Estonian gas system operator, AS Elering, determines the composition of natural gas entering the Estonian transmission network at the national border and uses this to determine the average composition quality certificate once per month.

AS Gaasivõrk publishes the quality certificate each month on its website on the first working day after the end of the accounting month.

From June 1, 2023, after the end of each accounting period, the monthly proportion of gas quantities of measuring points not equipped with a remotely readable meter will be added here by balance period.

Tolerance payment for utility installations

Landowners can apply for compensation for tolerating gas installations and facilities of categories A, B and C owned by AS Gaasivõrk. In order to receive compensation for tolerating a utility network, the owner of the relevant immovable property should submit a request to the owner of the utility network.

A separate request should be submitted together with an extract from the land register for each immovable property to the owner of the utility network or facility, by sending it by mail to Gaasivõrk AS at Gaasi 5, 13816 Tallinn, or by sending a digitally signed request by email to

The annual amount of the toleration payment is 7.5% of the assessed value of the land multiplied by the coefficients of the spatial and substantive extents of the restriction. You can calculate the amount of toleration payment you are eligible to receive by using the calculator on the website of the Land Board.

A person is eligible for a toleration payment for the current year if the person was the owner of the corresponding immovable property as of 1 January of the same year. A request for a toleration payment must be submitted no later than on 1 May of the current year. A toleration payment for the current year will be paid no later than by 30 September of the same year.

Compensation will not be paid:

  • for the toleration of such part of the utility works of the utility network that is required only for consumption of the service on the same immovable property;
  • for an object causing restrictions due to the intended purpose of a cadastral unit;
  • if the immovable property is owned by the state;
  • if the amount of payment per immovable property is less than one euro.

The payment of toleration payments is governed by the Law of Property Act Implementation Act.

Reminder regarding the protection of the gas network

AS Gaasivõrk protects the integrity of its gas pipelines and monitors activities related to the pipelines in order to ensure the provision and safety of the gas supply as a vital service.

This reminder is intended to inform individuals operating in gas pipeline protection zones about the requirements for the protection of the gas network.

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