AS Gaasivõrk

Sending meter readings

If there is no remotely operated gas meter in the place of consumption, the gas meter count must be reported as a whole number rounded up, from the 26th accounting period until the 1st working day of the following month.
Be sure to include the buyer’s name and address when transmitting the count.

Customers of the AS Gaasivõrk network area can report the count:

Customers from other network companies will need to report their count to the network operator of their area.

From September 1, 2023, AS Gaasivõrk applies a fee of 2.00 €/case with VAT for forecasting in case of non-notification of the meter reading in accordance with point 5.16 of the standard terms of the network contract. You can find the standard conditions of AS Gaasivõrk here. To stop the obligation to report the reading, if the gas is not consumed for a long time, please contact customer service at or phone +372 660 0009. If there is no gas consumption at the place of consumption, please fill out the application to close the gas supply.

DO NOT PAINT the gas meter.
The seals on the gas meter must not be broken or removed, the network operator must be notified of a broken seal.


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