Eesti Gaas forms three regional customer service centres

This spring, Eesti Gaas will reorganise the group’s customer service structure and form three regional centres in Tallinn, Tartu and Kohtla-Järve, which will be supported by a central invoicing and call centre.

In the framework of the rearrangements, the offices in Jõgeva, Põlva, Jõhvi, Narva and Kiviõli will be closed by 1 June 2017. “People have switched to using e-channels for settling with us, and the amount of payments made in the offices is gradually falling,” explains the Member of the Board of Eesti Gaas, Raul Kotov. “For example, during the whole February, only 21 people came to pay the invoice in Põlva office and only 24 in Narva office. Also, in the other three offices, the number of monthly payments per day stays under 15,” he brings out precise numbers.

In the new regional centres, AS Eesti Gaas will offer, among other things, consultation services and heating solutions. “Unlike other gas sellers, we provide our customers with a complete solution, starting with the design and ending with the construction of the entire plumbing and heating system, as well as the installation of the gas boiler and its planned maintenance in the future“ said Kotov.

The customers of the closed offices will be served in the future by customer support phone line and e-mail as well as by regular post, if necessary. All customers have been sent a personal notification about how to continue keeping in touch with Eesti Gaas. “In case of any questions, the customers may immediately contact our customer service agents. If in one month after the closing of the office, a customer has not ordered an e-invoice or arranged a fixed payment, we will contact him or her personally by telephone and provide support in solving the situation,” added Kotov.

The customer support contacts are:

The gas meter readings must still be sent via

The regular mail contacts are:

  • Liivalaia 9, 10118 Tallinn
  • Tähe 135, 51013 Tartu (customers from Jõgeva and Põlva)
  • Keskallee 17, 30321 Kohtla-Järve (customers from Jõhvi, Narva and Kiviõli)

For paying the invoices, the customer can choose the most suitable solution between paying in the online bank, e-service of Eesti Gaas, bank office or post office. When making the payment, it is necessary to add the reference number from the invoice to the payment order.

The most suitable solution would be the e-invoice fixed payment service, which enables to automatically pay the e-invoice ordered to the bank. In order to do so, it is necessary to order the e-invoice of Eesti Gaas either from the customer’s bank of the customer support of Eesti Gaas, by using the abovementioned contact details, and conclude a fixed payment contract of e-invoices in the bank. After that, the invoice will come directly to the bank and will be paid automatically at a time suitable for the customer.

It is also convenient to check and pay the invoices in the e-service of Eesti Gaas. The e-service enables to see all contracts concluded with Eesti Gaas, and also check, pay and print the invoices.

The invoices can be paid by cash:

  • in the post office (service fee in accordance with the price list of Omniva)
  • in the bank office (service fee in accordance with the price list of the bank)

All requests, wishes, notifications and questions related to the contracts can be sent to the e-mail address at or via regular post to the abovementioned addresses.

Eesti Gaas thanks all its customers for the cooperation and will look forward to new pleasant meetings in new communication channels.

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