Eesti Gaas is the first energy company to take to use Smart-ID

Since today Eesti Gaas is the first energy company, enabling its clients log-in in the e-service with the help of a new electronic identity solution Smart-ID.

“Communication of Eesti Gaas with its clients moves ever more extensively over into e-channels. It is therefore of utmost importance for us to be able to offer a vast array of different and convenient solutions,“ said Raul Kotov, member of board of Eesti Gaas. „However there are some clients having as yet dismissed the devices of identification, for various reasons. Smart-ID is a handy way to log-in in the e-service for those daily using smart devices,“ added Kotov.

For easy use of the Smart-ID there has been elaborated the application operating on Android and iOS platforms, which can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play store.

„We have created a modern and convenient electronic identity solution, which does not depend on SIM-card, while being ultimately safe. I am glad that apart from the telecommunication and financial sector, Smart-ID has also earned trust in energy sector. Employment of the Smart-ID will benefit all clients of Eesti Gaas, having now a new safe option to use the e-service,“ said Liisa Lukin, Business Manager of Peripheral Services of SK ID Solutions.

To use the Smart-ID, no special SIM-card or card reader is needed; it suffices to have the Internet connection. Using of Smart-ID is free of charge; it does not depend on frontiers between countries and is globally cross-border applicable as a solution.

AS Eesti Gaas is engaged in sales of natural gas and electricity. The concern incorporates AS EG Ehitus specialised in design and building of gas pipelines and facilities, and AS Gaasivõrgud providing distribution services. The company owns five pressure-natural-gas filling stations across Estonia.

Eesti Gaas offers employment to over 200 persons, the company has 1600 business clients and 42 000 home clients.

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