Eesti Gaas, opening new gas stations, increased its sales of compressed natural gas

The sale of gas for heat production has declined in the first half of the year, but the volume of compressed gas used in transport and the number of electricity customers has increased.

In the first six months of this year, AS Eesti Gaas sold 254.2 million m3 of gas, whereas 278.9 million m3 sold during the same period last year.

“Looking at the trends of the first half of the year, we have moved relatively at the same pace as last year. The biggest difference can be noticed in the month of January, when the average air temperature was 5.4 degrees higher and customers consumed less gas for heat production. It has been difficult to gain that difference in volume back, “said Ants Noot, the head of Eesti Gaas, remarking on the semi-annual results.

Meanwhile, the consumption of natural gas for transport has increased by one third, more specifically by 31.6%, compared to the first six months of the previous year. During the first half of this year, 2776.3 thousand m3 of compressed natural gas was consumed in the field of transport, compared to 2109 thousand m3 in the reference period of the previous year.

The sale of compressed natural gas is further encouraged by, in addition to the raising levels of awareness of the people and the economic thinking, an increase in the opportunities for the fuelling of cars or buses. “Still this summer, we will open new gas fuelling stations at Gaasi Street in Tallinn and at Savi Street in Pärnu,” Noot said. At the end of the year, a fuelling station at Tehnika Street in Tallinn will start its work. “In total, there will be eight Eesti Gaas gas fuelling stations in four cities, and the expansion of the network will continue next year,” Noot confirmed.

Compared to the previous year, the volume of electricity sales has increased four times in the six-month view; from the end of January to the end of June, the quantity of electricity sold amounted to 24.1 GWh. “It is good to note that while electricity sales are not yet large in volume, they are clearly continuously increasing. We also rejoice at the fact that the number of electricity customers is steadily growing; compared to the first half of last year, we have expanded our customer base three and a half times, “Noot said.

AS Eesti Gaas is concerned with the sale of natural gas and electricity. The Group also includes AS EG Ehitus, specializing in the design and construction of gas pipelines and facilities, as well as AS Gaasivõrgud, which provides distribution services.

Eesti Gaas employs over 200 people, has 1,600 business customers and 42,000 private customers.

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