Eesti Gaas to deliver LNG from Klaipeda terminal

Eesti Gaas has signed a contract on terminal use with Klaipėdos Nafta operating the liquefied natural gas terminal for delivery of liquefied natural gas from Lithuania.

“Currently, Eesti Gaas has purchased 1500 cubic meters of LNG; that makes about 40 trailers. We deliver LNG with our own trucks and are able to offer it to our customers and interested parties in Estonia as well as other nearby countries,” said Margus Kaasik, Member of the Board of Eesti Gaas. “The first delivery took place last week,” Kaasik added.

So far, Eesti Gaas has transported LNG primarily from Pskov, additionally also from Finland and Poland. The contract with the Lithuanian terminal will further diversify the supply sources and enables to offer LNG to more customers.

“We are very pleased to start cooperation with the Klaipeda terminal, it increases our security of supply and turns LNG into a more attractive and available energy source for our customers,” Kaasik said. “By today, Eesti Gaas has developed the best LNG delivery capability on the market. We are able to provide proper service to Tallink Megastar and ensure volumes that are beyond the capabilities of small distributors,” Kaasik noted.

“The role of LNG in transportation, particularly in maritime transport, as a fuel will grow in the following years; Eesti Gaas considers it an important keyword in shaping its business plans,” Kaasik opened the future prospects. “LNG is an environmentally friendly energy source with high calorific value also for industries and this enables to deliver natural gas to areas that are not connected to the gas pipelines.

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