Green gas sales at gas stations remain high

In July, over 715 000 m³ of CNG were purchased at Eesti Gaas’s gas stations as automotive fuel all over Estonia, of which the share of domestically produced green gas (biomethane) was 61%. Green gas has been a fuel of choice in Pärnu and Tallinn.

“While green gas consumption rocketed in June, now we can say that by the end of July it leveled out” said Raul Kotov, a member of the board of Eesti Gaas. The sales of green gas as car fuel in Estonia reached 437 000 m³, which is two thirds of the total amount of CNG sales. Green gas is produced in Kunda, and all the output is sold through the gas stations operated by Eesti Gaas.

“The largest amounts of domestically produced green gas were purchased in Pärnu, where city public transport had changed to gas. Some growth compared to the month before could be seen in the sales at gas stations in Tallinn, too,” Kotov noted, adding that green gas as automotive fuel is currently available at gas stations in Tallinn, Tartu, Narva and Pärnu.

In total, 715 000 m³ of CNG were purchased by vehicle owners  in July. “The car owners who have switched to gas fuel find its low level of environmental pollution increasingly important, but they are also motivated by the fact that CNG is twice cheaper than petrol,” said the Eesti Gaas executive.  “As on 1 July, the price of a kilogram of green gas at Eesti Gaas’s gas stations has been 0.899 euro, and the mixed fuel of green gas and natural gas costs 0.859 euro.

Green gas is produced from biodegradable waste, waste water and sludge, agricultural waste and biomass of various origins. Green gas can be purchased as vehicle fuel in pure form or mixed with natural gas. Because the composition and quality of green gas are equivalent to natural gas, either can be used as vehicle fuel, and both gases can be used simultaneously.


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