Owner of Eesti Gaas is to erect a “House of Fire” in Tallinn

Infortar, one of the largest investment companies in Estonia and the majority owner of Eesti Gaas, will complete the construction of an office building at a cost of 11 million euros near Linnahall (‘City Hall’) next spring. The building called Tulemaja (‘House of Fire’) will consolidate the offices of the companies belonging to Infortar group, including Tallink, Tallink Hotels and Eesti Gaas.

“We are going to bring the companies scattered in office spaces all over the city together, and this will also make it easier for partners and customers to find us,” Ain Hanschmidt, chairman of the board of AS Infortar, noted.

“The new building is going to rise next to Tallink’s headquarters and will be the same in size but different in appearance and the coloristic solution. While there is a pond in front of the existing building known as Jäämaja (‘House of Ice’) and its façade features white tones, then the lobby of the new building will feature a genuine fireplace, Hanschmidt said.

The first floor of the four-storey office building will house Tallink’s HR department, a customer service branch of Eesti Gaas, Gastrolink’s dealership and an Italian restaurant and café. On the second floor, there will be office spaces of Tallink’s HR and internal control department as well as TLG Hotels; the third floor will house Duty Free, and the fourth floor will be occupied by the offices of Eesti Gaas. The underground floor will feature a parking garage.

The general contractor for the construction of the 5,500 m2 office building is Merko, and the architect is Meelis Press, who has also designed the Tallink headquarters building, which was completed in 2009.

AS Infortar is an investment company owning 450 million euros of equity capital, which operates in such sectors as marine shipping, real estate, hotels, taxi services and printing industry. According to yet unaudited data, the consolidated turnover of the companies within Infortar group was around 1.2 billion euros in 2017, and the enterprise employed a total of 8000 people.

In addition to a 38% share in AS Tallink Grupp, AS Infortar’s investment portfolio also includes shares of AS Eesti Gaas, roughly 90,000 m2 of hotel and SPA facilities in Tallinn and over 350,000 m2 of land in Tallinn and nearby.

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