Sales of electricity by Eesti Gaas show continuous growth

In six months, the sales of electricity by Eesti Gaas soared by nearly 64 per cent, and the recently opened solar power plant in Pärnu is likely to boost the growth in upcoming months.

“Eesti Gaas’s course for expanding electricity supply has started bearing fruit: it is the sales of electricity that has increased the most in our portfolio in six months, growing by nearly 64 per cent compared to the same period of the year before. As far as the number of our electricity supply customers goes, by the end of June it had crossed the threshold of 10,500,” said Ants Noot, the CEO of Eesti Gaas. “We have just opened our first array of solar power parks in Pärnu, which will allow us to further increase electricity sales by the end of the year.”

In the first six months of 2019, Eesti Gaas sold 67.6 GWh of electricity, of which 80% were sold in Estonia. Compared to the previous year, the number of Eesti Gaas’s electricity supply customers has increased by 17 per cent.

Because air temperatures were higher than average early in the year, the sales of natural gas in the first six month were nearly a quarter lower than a year before. In the first half of the year, Eesti Gaas sold 1988 GWh of natural gas, of which nearly 90 were sold in Estonia.

The sales of CNG at gas stations operated by Eesti Gaas reached 40 GWh by the end of June, which is consistent with the last year’s figures; 65% of the sold CNG was the green gas domestically produced in Estonia.  “As an environmentally friendly and reasonably priced fuel, CNG certainly has potential for increasing its size of consumption,” the CEO of Eesti Gaas said. “It is likely to be facilitated by the range of gas-powered vehicles, which keeps expanding and becoming more affordable, on the one hand and by better refuelling options on the other hand. By now we have opened 11 gas fuelling stations over Estonia; the latest are located in Jõhvi, Viljandi and Rakvere.”

The six-month’s sales of LNG by Eesti Gaas amounted to 112 GWh, of which the bunkering of Tallink’s vessel Megastar had a share of 107 GWh. The total sales of LNG in the same period of the previous year reached 122 GWh.

Eesti Gaas supplies customers with natural gas through pipelines, as CNG and LNG. In addition, the company sells electricity to residential and commercial clients and specializes in the development of various energy production solutions. Eesti Gaas has 50,000 clients and 230 employees.

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