The price of natural gas for residential customers goes down again starting 1 March

AS Eesti Gaas once again brought down the prices of natural gas sold to residential customers starting 1 March 2016. The price of natural gas sold to residential customers has dropped by an average of 7% compared to that charged from the beginning of the year.

The new selling prices of natural gas are provided in the table below. We have also added the gas prices per units of energy (kWh) for easier comparison with other fuels. On average, 1 m3 of gas contains 10.52 kWh of energy.

If the purchase price of natural gas continues to go down, we will be able to reduce the selling price of gas even more in the coming months. At the end of the year, we will also offset the selling price against the actual average purchase price of the year for all the residential customers with a valid contract, further reducing the charge paid for gas.

The price of natural gas is supplemented by the price of network services applicable in the network operator’s licensed territory and by the excise duty on natural gas.

For price lists and more information visit our website at or any of our customer service points across Estonia.

Take a look at our new electricity packages as well. Energy prices are lower when buying gas and electricity together. We offer packages at the exchange price as well as at fixed prices. For our electricity offers, please visit our website.

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