Eesti Gaas group successfully increased its energy sales due to Finnish market

Eesti Gaas doubled its energy sales in the first three months of the year compared to last year. The capacity grew foremost due to successful enter to Finnish gas market.

The CEO of Eesti Gaas, Ants Noot considers the first quarter in energy sales successful despite extraordinary warm winter. “What boosted energy sales was successful entering to Finnish market. The capacities in Estonia or in our southern neighbours decreased a little compared to last year, that is foremost due to very warm winter and decrease in demand it caused.”

The biggest share in Eesti Gaas energy sales was natural gas with 2632 GWh, which is twice as much as last year in the same time. Of all natural gas sold, 1637 GWh was sold in Finland and 881 GWh in Estonia, the rest 114 GWh was sold in Latvia and Lithuania.

“In a quarter’s view, we have boosted electricity sales as well, that in number of customers and sold capacities,” said the CEO of Eesti Gaas. Altogether the group sold 37,5 GWh of electricity in the first three months of the year, 29 GWh of it in Estonia and 8,5 GWh in Latvia.

LNG quarter sales in Eesti Gaas increased by a tenth, reaching 72,2 GWh, last year in the same period the capacity was 63,8 GWh. The group sold nearly 21,1 GWh of compressed gas in 11 petrol stations over Estonia. Last year the sale capacity was 19,3 GWh in the same period.

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