Eesti Gaas has increased sales of compressed gas and electricity during the past nine months

The increase in the sales of compressed gas has gone hand in hand with the opening of new gas stations; expansion of the network of fuelling stations continues.

AS Eesti Gaas has sold 305.6 million m3 of natural gas over the course of the past nine months, as opposed to 327.7 million m3 sold during the same period last year. “Whilst in recent months, the loss in sales volumes, caused by a warm January, has been steadily declining, the results of the nine-month sales period fall below the previous year’s reference number by 22 million m3,” said Ants Noot, CEO of Eesti Gaas.

At the same time, the use of compressed gas in transport has grown dramatically. Compared to last year, there has been an increase of almost 40% – with 4.6 million m3 of compressed gas consumed over the course of this year, and 3.3 million m3 last year.

“Over the last nine months, more compressed gas has been sold in the fuelling stations of Eesti Gaas than over the course of the whole of last year,” says Noot. Sales figures show that the company’s strategy to open up more and more gas fuelling stations has justified itself. “In September, our two new compressed gas stations – Gaasi Street in Tallinn and Savi Street in Pärnu – reached the planned load regime. It is now possible to refuel with compressed gas at three filling stations in Tallinn, and a fourth one will soon be finished at the Tehnika and Pille Street intersection.”

As the demand for compressed gas is constantly increasing, Eesti Gaas gas will further expand its network of fuelling stations next year. “We plan to build new compressed gas stations in Viljandi, Jõhvi and Rakvere. Along with the existing filling stations in Tartu, Pärnu and Narva, we can already talk about a decent nationwide network in Estonia,” Noot expressed contentedly.

Electricity sales have grown fourfold in comparison to last year, and the number of electricity customers of Eesti Gaas has increased 3,5 times – thus, 34.9 GWh this year and 8.8 GWh last year, in volumes respectively. “In addition to a good price, we continue to provide convenient invoicing, as we also reflect the cost of the electricity network service provided by Elektrilevi on the bill of the private customer,” said Noot.

This year, Eesti Gaas also started selling liquefied natural gas (LNG) – 9,000 tons of LNG has been shipped to Estonia over the course of nine months, which in gas metering units translates to about 13 million m3 of gas. “We have made LNG deliveries from Finland and Poland, among other locations, and have gained very useful experience,” Noot said, adding that it is undoubtedly a very promising type of fuel, which will increase in its volume over the coming years. “It is important to start using LNG in road transport in Estonia and the Baltics because cleaner air and fuel savings are in the interests of all of us.”

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