Eesti Gaas offers zero-expense solar power solar generation

Eesti Gaas offers a solar energy solution which allows the client to generate electricity without any expenses on their part and to save up to two thousand euros per year to apartment owners’ associations, public buildings and companies.

Eesti Gaas has launched a new comprehensive solar power solution on the market: for customers it means setting up their own solar power plant without any additional expenses. “We are offering an opportunity to install your own solar power plant without any additional expenses on your part, use the electricity it generates and save on network services fees. Eesti Gaas will cover the entire investment for the customer, including the installation and further maintenance of solar panels,” Margus Kaasik, member of the Board of Eesti Gaas,  stated. “Using the energy generated in such way can save the client up to two thousand euros per year.”

“Due to the global climate policy as well as more stringent environmental requirements in Estonia and the European Union, the production of oil shale energy in Estonia has taken a hit, which has resulted in an increasing demand for smart, inexpensive and environmentally friendlier solutions,” Margus Kaasik, member of the Board of Eesti Gaas,  explained the rationale behind bringing the new product to the market.

The new energy solution is suitable for apartment owners’ associations which have a joint electricity purchase agreement, small and mid-size companies as well as schools or kindergartens whose electricity consumption is at least 20,000 kWh. “We offer this solution to all private enterprises, public building managers and associations who can buy electricity and will be able to start saving as soon as the solar panels start generating energy,” Kaasik added. “For example, a 50 kW system generates and average of 48.5 MWh per year, which can cover the electricity consumption of approximately 15 households.”

Eesti Gaas’s new energy solution requires at least 400 m2 of free space on the ground or roof. The panels must not be shaded by high-rise buildings or trees. When installed in the best available location, a 1-kW unit can generate approximately 970 kWh of electricity per year.

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