Eesti Gaas will start providing Megastar with LNG fuel

Eesti Gaas and Tallink signed a contract according to which Eesti Gaas will start providing liquefied natural gas to Megastar ship running on Tallinn-Helsinki route.

“Eesti Gaas is Estonia’s market expert in natural gas as it has been engaged in the import and supply of gas for decades. Today we are vigorously entering a new era, supplying Tallink Megastar with gas is our first big project in LNG marine transport,” stated the head of Eesti Gaas, Ants Noot. “I am glad we could offer the best price and conditions in competition with other serious providers,” added Noot.

According to captain and Technical Director at AS Tallink Grupp, Tarvi-Carlos Tuulik, this is a significant and future-oriented cooperation. “The goal is to use eco-friendly and energy effective technology and fuel in ships in order to pave the way to their wider dissemination in the Baltic region. We will definitely prefer experienced partners such as Eesti Gaas, who have good knowledge of local conditions, distribution and partners’ needs,” noted Tuulik.

Eesti Gaas has a goal to steadily improve their LNG product portfolio in the upcoming years. “Natural gas is a great fuel – clean, convenient and profitable,” ensured Ants Noot. “The state energy politics unfortunately hasn’t favoured gas pipes in the last decade and growth opportunities in the local market are rather limited. We however see great potential in using natural gas in transportation as compressed gas and in the form of liquid and we are confident that the open electricity market enables the usage of natural gas for cogeneration of electricity and water.

LNG (liquefied natural gas) has a very high energy density and does not require the existence of natural gas networks. LNG is used in producing energy and in land and marine transportation. LNG has become more and more topical as a transportation fuel in the Baltic region since ship fuel sulphur content could not be over of 0.10 percent from 2015 onwards. In order to fill this requirement, ship-owners have had the possibility to use special low-sulphur fuel, install cleaning devices or switch to LNG. LNG offers a combination of ecological and economic benefits enabling to save fuel and meet environment protection requirements.

AS Eesti Gaas is selling natural gas and electricity. The concern is comprised of AS EG Ehitus, which specializes in projecting and building gas pipes and buildings, and AS Gaasivõrgud, which provides distribution services. The company owns 5 compressed gas stations around Estonia.

Eesti Gaas employs more than 200 people, the group’s sales amounted to 130 million euros last year. As Eesti Gaas sold 386 million m3 of natural gas in 2015. The company has 1600 business clients and 42 000 residential clients.

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