Is a CNG car economical?

A car with a CNG engine is very economical. The savings per kilometer are about 60% lower for a medium-sized passenger car compared to petrol and 33% compared to a diesel car.

Is the maintenance of a CNG car more expensive?

Maintenance is comparable to petrol driven maintenance, as the additional gas supply system is practically maintenance-free.

How far can you drive on one tank?

The car’s compressed gas tank capacity is usually 15-25 kg. Today’s middle-class bivalent passenger car consumes an average of 3.8-5 kg of natural gas for 100 km, so gas can be used to travel for about 400 km; there is also the additional petrol reserve.

What happens if the gas runs out and the gas station is far away?

Passenger cars running on gas are usually bivalent – using two fuels. If the gas runs out, you can continue driving with petrol – until the next gas fuelling station.

Are there restrictions on use of CNG cars?

There are no restrictions on the use of CNG cards. Compressed gas cars can be used the same way as petrol and diesel cars in garages, tunnels, on ferries, etc.

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