Information about the price of the gas network service

Dear customer


We inform you that starting from 1 June 2023, the price of the network service of AS Gaasivõrk will change.

The new network service price, which was approved by the Estonian Competition Authority and is now expressed in energy units, is 7.991 €/MWh (0.007991 €/kWh). Value added tax (VAT) will be added to the price of the network service. With VAT, the new price for you is 0.0095892 €/kWh.

When converting the amount of gas consumed into energy units, the network operator will follow the network code for the operation of the gas market. The quantity of gas in kilowatt-hours of energy is calculated by multiplying the quantity of gas in cubic metres and the gross calorific value of the gas.

More detailed information on the conversion into energy units, with examples, is provided on the website of the network operator here.

The price of the network service must cover justified operating costs and investments in such a way as to ensure the uninterrupted supply of gas to the consumer and the fulfilment of other requirements and obligations imposed on the network operator.


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