Last year Eesti Gaas showed the largest increase in electricity and LNG sales

Last year, Eesti Gaas increased its electricity sales nearly by half and started producing green gas while the company’s LNG sales primarily increased due to its entering foreign markets.Elenger ja Eesti Gaas 

“In addition to supplying natural gas and CNG, we started developing the sales of electricity in Estonia and Latvia, having particularly focused on green energy generation. The results are shown by a significant increase in the amount of electricity sales and the number of new clients. By the end of the year, the group had 11,000 clients who had signed contracts for electricity supply,” Ants Noot, the CEO of Eesti Gaas, commented.

“What also boosted electricity sales was the Pärnu array of solar power parks, which was successfully commissioned in the middle of the year and diversified our green energy portfolio. Last year, we also started offering tailored solar power solutions to companies, and a dozen of contracts for these have already been signed,” Noot noted. Eesti Gaas increased its electricity sales to 132.4 GWh last year, which is 46% more than a year before.

The sales of LNG also improved, reaching 263 GWh, which is 8% more than in 2018. “Last year, we took on new clients in Finland, Latvia and Russia, which boosted LNG sales. We are the largest truck-to-ship bunkering provider in the region, rendering services to Tallink’s Megastar as well as cargo ships in the ports of Tallinn, Helsinki and Hanko,“ the CEO of Eesti Gaas explained.

As far as the group’s sales of natural gas are concerned, they amounted to 4140 GWh last year while the figure a year before was 4726 GWh.  “Last year’s sales of natural gas were lower than a year before, which resulted from significantly higher average air temperature and fiercer competition on the market,” the CEO of Eesti Gaas said.

The group sold nearly 83 GWh of CNG, of which more than 60% accounted for the green gas generated from biological waste in Estonia. “In the context of the stricter climate policy at the global level and in the EU, we can expect the sales of green gas to be increasing in the nearest years. Estonia has the potential for generating way more green gas than it is producing today, which would be beneficial for the environment and the consumers’ pockets alike,” Ants Noot said.

Eesti Gaas supplies customers with natural gas through pipelines, as CNG and LNG and operates the largest gas network of Estonia. The company is rapidly expanding its renewable energy portfolio in the form of the generation and sales of solar power and green energy (biomethane). Through its subsidiaries, Eesti Gaas also operates in infrastructure design, construction and maintenance in the energy sector. The group has 50,000 clients and 240 employees. The company uses the trademark Elenger on foreign markets in Finland, Latvia and Lithuania.

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