Sales of new Estonian fuel green gas rocketed in June

In June the volume of sales of domestically produced green gas (compressed biomethane, CBM) at Estonian gas stations reached approximately 500 000 m3, which is almost two times more than the month before. Green gas gained ground most actively in Pärnumaa, where a big part of public transport has started to use it. 

“The sales volumes at CNG (compressed natural gas) stations operated by Eesti Gaas show massive increase in the consumption of domestic green gas as well as drivers’ increasing interest in environmentally friendly and cost-efficient fuel,” noted Raul Kotov, board member of Eesti Gaas . “CNG stations all over Estonia sold almost twice as much green gas in June than in May, with Pärnumaa leading the way.”

In June Eesti Gaas sold a total of 488 100 m3 of green gas all over Estonia, while in the previous month the volume of sales amounted to 261 000 m3. Green gas produced in Estonia appeared in the market for the first time at the end of April of this year, and at present drivers can refuel their vehicles with it only at CNG stations operated by Eesti Gaas in Tallinn, Tartu, Narva and Pärnu.

“In the light of consumption in the first months and increased demand we can estimate that the sales of green gas and compressed natural gas will continue to grow also in the coming months. One of the primary arguments for consumers, in addition to environmental friendliness, is obviously a better price of this fuel,” said Raul Kotov.

From 1 July one kilogram of green gas at CNG stations operated by Eesti Gas costs 0.899 euros, and one kilogram of CNG costs 0.859 euros. “Although this month we had to adjust our prices upwards due to increase in fees for Elering’s transfer network and increase in fuel prices in the world market, driving with compressed gas is still about two times cheaper than with regular fuel,” commented Raul Kotov.

Green gas is produced from biodegradable waste, waste water and sludge, agricultural waste and biomass of various origins. Green gas can be purchased in its pure form or mixed with natural gas. As the composition and quality of green gas are equivalent to natural gas, either can be used for the car. In June the sales volume of natural gas amounted to 179 300 m3 at the stations operated by Eesti Gaas.

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