Subsidiary of AS Eesti Gaas will start building the Balticconnector’s transmission pipe

Basing on the agreement to be signed today with Elering the building works of the Balticconnector’s surface transmission pipe on Estonian side will be managed by EG Ehitus AS, subsidiary of AS Eesti Gaas.

Photo: Elering 

By reference to the Agreement, the design and building works of the 55 km run of pipeline Kiili-Paldiski is expected to be completed in one year and a half, with the cost of building works topping 43 million EUR.

„We are dealing here with a large-volume, multiple-featured and responsible work, being also a token of recognition and acknowledgement of our capability to contribute to the largest gas project of the closest proximity,“ said Chairman of Board of AS Eesti Gaas Ants Noot. „AS Eesti Gaas boasts the best capacity and highest competence in the market for performance of works, enabling it to keep within a time schedule,“ assured Noot, adding that a dozen of years back AS Eesti Gaas connected Pärnu to transmission network also with the help of 55 km gas pipe.

„The design works will terminate by end of this year, however we have distributed the designing into stages, so that building works too can be launched as early as in August – September,“ said Chairman of Board of EG Ehituse AS Ahto Aruväli. „Subject to contract agreement the building works are to be finalised by end of summer next year, when the Kiili-Paldiski pipeline should enable transporting natural gas from the Estonian network to the Finnish network and contrariwise,“ said Aruväli.

Following will be the procedure of acceptance and training, taking 2-3 months. The final transfer of work will take place in October 2019, in technical terms meaning acceptance of probe assemblies, Kiili gas pressure regulating station, line cock assemblies and other necessary devices.

Balticconnector will interlink the Estonian and Finnish gas networks, being prerequisite to operational regional gas market and multiple supply sources in the Baltic-Finnish area. Balticconnector’s gas connection will be finalised by 2020.

Main business of EG Ehitus, subsidiary of AS Eesti Gaas is building of gas pipelines and facilities, as well designing and performance of gas supply works and sale, installation and maintenance of gas and heating systems, also providing complex services to owners and administrators of natural gas supply systems.

For building of surface part of Balticconnector, the EG Ehitus presented the joint bid with AS Scanweld and UAB ALVORA.

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