Information on environmental impacts

AS Eesti Gaas buys 100% of sold electricity from the exchange.

If the consumer wishes and it is agreed in the contract, we sell green electricity to the consumer, the origin of which is proven by certificates of origin. According to §3210 (9) of the Energy Sector Organisation Act, the system operator (AS Elering) publishes the residual mix by June 30 of the following calendar year. The residual mix is the share of energy consumed in Estonia in a calendar year, the origin of which is not proven by certificates of origin. The residual mix and the distribution between its energy sources are calculated based on the methodology developed by the system operator.

According to the data of AS Elering, in 2022, the proportion of electricity consumption not covered by certificates of origin in Estonia was 84.10%, the CO2 content of residual mix is 715.18 gCO2/kWh, and the content of radioactive waste is 0.36 mg/kWh. 83.11% of the residual mix was produced with fossil fuels, 7.22% with renewable fuels and 9.67% with nuclear fuel.

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